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HUD and control dialog
control dialog
control dialog
Integration with Scenario Editor
Rocket settings Launch autopilot settings Service tower settings
Payload manager, realistic behavior of the vehicle/payload system
Buran-T settings Payload manager Energia powered flight
New launch site
New launch site New launch site New launch site
New launch site New launch site New launch site
Reusable first stage
Reusable first stage
Night lights
Night lights 1 Night lights 2 Night lights 3
Low-end detail mesh option
Low end mesh 1 Low end mesh 2 Low end mesh 3

Orbiter-2005 shots
Flight with "DeltaGlider-III" (© DanSteph)
Lift off 10 seconds... Boosters separation
Boosters separation LEO insertion First DG-III jettisoned
Second DG-III turns prograde before sinking... Somewhere in Pacific Ocean sky...

Famous rocket "nod" Stabilization phase "Buran-T" with "TX"
Tower variant 1 Tower variant 2 Tower variant 3
Multiple payload. Just for DGIII fans :) Boosters oxidizer dumping ("Buran" by jkanios) New exhaust
Flight with CVEL-Buran (© Nerull)
Before start Lifting Boosters separation
Second stage flight Buran jettison Buran free flight
First flight
Before start Ignition First seconds of flight
56 seconds of flight Boosters pairs separation Payload separation
Payload container shutters opening "Smerch" spacetug ingnition "SkyLinkSat" deployment
Static tests
Static test with payload tester (110 t mass) Static test with payload container "Energia T"
"VTOL-X" prototype
"VTOL-X" vessel with thrust vectoring control Before test flight Start
SRC Polygon view Orbit insertion Orbiting Earth