About Orbiter
new! Modular orbital station Mir-2 (released)
Fictional orbital station. Now it will be as a separate addon.
  • Titan service module
  • Solaris power supply module
  • Builder module (UMMU compatible)
  • Node module (for future extension of space complex)
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new! Space tankers (released)
Two unmanned space tankers: the simple ship and more complex winged reusable ship (Albatros).

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new! Tranzit space tug (released)
Unmanned spacetug. The main function is docking or redocking of heavy station modules.

Will be published as a part of "Space Tugs" addon.

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Baikonur, launchpad 250 (UKSS) (released)
The model of UKSS for Orbiter.

Payload Manager SDK (released)
C++ SDK allows to develop vessels with Payload Manager support.

Universal Cargo Deck (released)
Based on Payload Manager technology. Can be used with any vessel in Orbiter.

Universal Remote Manipulator System (URMS) (released)
The universal space manipulator. Can be mounted on any ship in Orbiter. Useful for cargo and station building operations.

GK-175 project Energia-2 (on hold)
Another HLLV concept - fully reusable Energia.
Vulkan (on hold)
The superheavy Vulkan launch system (next generation of Energia).
ENERGY project, new version (on hold)
The next version of Energia HLLV.
Based on Payload Manager technology, will be compatible with Transporter and UKSS launch complex.

Transporter (on hold)
The heavy rocket transporter for all Energia/Vulkan family.
Delta Tug, new version (released)
DeltaGlider-class vessels towing stage. May be used as upper stage with Energia or with TX.
What is new:
  • Scenario Editor compatible
  • Scenario Editor configurable
  • custom HUD
  • Payload Manager support
  • help included
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ENERGY project, next version (released)
HLLV Energia for Orbiter.
What is new:
  • More authentic autopilot
  • Reusable boosters simulation
  • Various mesh resolutions
  • Scenario Editor compatible
  • Scenario Editor configurable
  • Control dialog
  • Custom HUD
  • Payload Manager support
  • Help included

For details of previous versions see ENERGY project page.

Last update 2010.09.20
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