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20 September 2010
Russian translations documentation updated according to last Orbiter version (Orbiter-2010-P1, build 100830).
See the Documents page.
28 August 2010
Russian translation of Orbiter-2010 manual is ready.
You can download it here:
Documents page
28 November 2009
Bug in Mir-2 station package fixed - missing scenario files added. I apologise for inconveniences.
Download location is:
Mir-2 space station
27 November 2009
New projects released: Mir-2 space station, Space Tankers and Tranzit spacetug.

Download locations:

Mir-2 space station
Space Tankers
Tranzit (part of Space Tug addon)

ENERGY project was updated, download locations:
on Orbit Hangar
on my site
2 September 2009
UKSS, lauchpad 250, Baikonur is now released.

Download location - http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=4186
4 August 2009
Coming soon! New projects - Mir-2 station, Space Tankers and Tranzit spacetug.

31 July 2009
Coming soon! New project - UKSS, lauchpad 250, Baikonur.

11 February 2009
New Total Immersion addon released - virtual cockpit for TX spaceplane.
You can download this addon (by Valeriy Miskevich, vchamp) from here:
Total Immersion - TX

Very impressive! Must have addon for TX fans :)
25 July 2008
New release of Payload Manager SDK and Payload Manager for Orbiter.
Version number is
Bug with incorrect vehicle's PMI recalculation is fixed now.
Download location

Release 3 of Universal RMS.
Now URMS compatible with vessels which can shift it's COG and change it's dry mass. For example URMS is compatible with Atlantis (scenario included) and with CVEL-GPDS based vessels.
Download location

Release 4 of Universal Cargo Deck.
Now based on Payload Manager version
Like URMS it now compatible with vessels which can shift it's COG and change it's dry mass.
Download location
9 June 2008
Second release of Universal RMS.
New control mode added - Target point mode, based on inverse kinematics. New option "Grapple closest object".
Download location.
17 ay 2008
The Universal manipulator is ready.
You can download it from here.
12 May 2008
New versions released:
Payload Manager SDK (for details click here)
Universal Cargo Deck, release 3, download page.
New: compatibility with Universal RMS.
6 April 2008
Universal Remote Manipulator System (URMS) project in development.
Some new screenshots from here: URMS project.

11 March 2008
Packs with Payload Manager from March, 9 was with beta-version PayloadManager.dll. Sorry about that fault.

Now you can download it again.

Payload Manager SDK
Universal Cargo Deck.
9 March 2008
Released and ready for download
Payload Manager SDK
Universal Cargo Deck.
2 March 2008
Projects page updated.
31 December 2007
Happy New Year!
11 December 2007
The second version of Mir-2 station (project of 1993) released. My job was the programming of cargo manipulator module.


The author of model - Nikolay (NickD) Dimitrov.
You can download it from Orbit Hangar http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=3085.
30 September 2007
The model of russian orbital station Mir-2 (project of 1993) released. The author of model - Nikolay (NickD) Dimitrov.

For detailed information see NickD's site http://nickd.freehostia.com/OrbiterVault/mir2.html.
You can download it from Orbit Hangar http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=3085.
24 June 2007
New Delta Tug version uploaded. Now Delta Tug is compatible with Deltaglider-IV (see Dan's site).
You can download here: http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=1127
27 April 2007
Great actor Kyril Lavrov has died. He was 82 years old.
For me was especially dear a role of rocket designer Andrey Bashkirtsev in the film "Taming of the fire".

26 April 2007
On April 12 Eugeny Spezhakov started to release the Bulletin of Orbinauts (in russian). I have uploaded this bulletin to my site, see Documents page.
31 December 2006
Happy New Year!
20 October 2006
Orbiter manuals in russian updated now, see Documents page.
19 October 2006
Links page updated.
17 October 2006
Now I have published fixed version for ENERGY project, TX winged space launcher and Delta Tug addons.
Once again - sorry for inconvenience. Good luck!

As usual you can download the Energia setup from Downloads page
or from Orbit Hangar - here.

Delta Tug and TX:
Delta Tug, release 2
TX winged space launcher, release 5
16 October 2006
The Energia addon is not available for download due to critical errors. I hope the fixed version will be uploaded soon. I am sorry for inconvenience.
15 October 2006
The new version of Energia released!
You can download installation pack form Downloads page or from Orbit Hangar - here.

Also released:
Delta Tug, release 2
TX winged space launcher, release 5
SRC Spaceports, release 2
17 September 2006
When Energia will be released? Soon... Now working on manual and help.

Btw, thank you all who clicked the InternetMap banner.
Now you can see my site here:
...and here:
Looks funny...
14 July 2006
Finalizing work on Energia.
16 June 2006
Sorry, all projects are on hold. I need some rest.
12 May 2006
Orbiter manual on russian uploaded.
See at Documents.
8 May 2006
Patch for SRC spaceports is uploaded now. Restores compatibility with Orbiter 2006 Edition.
It is recommended to install for all users of addons mentioned below:
      ENERGY project
      TX winged space launcher
      Space Elevator

Download here: http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=2324
6 May 2006
Congratulation! The era of new Orbiter 2006 Edition began! Many thanks to Dr. Martin! (and to all beta-testers of course)!

Now the unhappy news. All ground bases in my addons (such as ENERGY project and TX winged booster) are obsolete now. Every time you try to load SRC-Space Port or SRC-Space Polygon Orbiter will crash. I plan to upload the patch in nearest future.

Sorry for inconvenience.
12 April 2006
45 years since Yuri Gagarin's flight - the first flight in space!
18 March 2006
News about ENERGY project. All vessels settings will be accessible via Orbiter in-built scenario editor (instead of scenarios manual editing). Including payload management. Check Projects and Gallery pages.
5 March 2006
Superheavy Vulkan project restarted. See Projects page.
12 February 2006
Added link to IMFD manual in russian.
Translation by Dmitry Pritykin.
3 February 2006
The video trailer about new version of Energia is uploaded.
Basically it shows reusable first stage.

See downloads page.
30 December 2005
Happy New Year!
18 December 2005
The work on a reusable first stage is finished. Boosters rescue is implemented accordingly 9-th chapter of 3-d book by B.I.Gubanov "Triumph and tragedy of "Energia".

Many thanks to Vadim Lukashevitch for information support.

About realness. Actually the "Energy" rocket has never started with reusable boosters, so nobody knows how the first stage actually should come back to the Earth. The offered model is based on the one of variants.

Everything that is made is shown in this collage (briefly):
28 October 2005
Beta-version package is removed from Downloads page. 83 downloads - it is more, than I expected.
Many thanks everyone who has helped with beta-testing!
17 October 2005
ENERGY project, version 2, beta is now ready for download. This is special low-poly version for testing on slow computers.
See downloads page.
10 September 2005
Some news about next version of ENERGY project. See project page.
15 August 2005
Added link to russian translation of Trans-X MFD manual.
Translation by Stop&Go.
18 June 2005
Added link to tutorial by Jared "Smitty" Smith "Orbital Operations Manual. Aligning, Syncing, and Docking with a Space Station".
Russian translation is available also at russian pages (HTML and PDF versions). See Documents section.
28 May 2005
"Documents" section added. Project manuals, Orbiter-related docs, tutorials, etc.
13 May 2005
"Delta Tug" released.

Download from Orbit Hangar Mods:
Delta Tug
26 April 2005
Heavy Steam Catapult was updated. Small bug with traffic lights is fixed, also added new scenario for DeltaGliderEX fans. DeltaGliderEX is a excellent bird by Christophe Chabot aka Schimz.

You can download Space Elevator from Orbit Hangar Mods:
Heavy Steam Catapult
25 April 2005
I have release the Space Elevator and all Catapulters-line projects. The Space Elevator and Lunar Mass Driver are released with C++ source codes (included as optional installation components).

You can download Space Elevator from SpaceSimMods:
Space Elevator

Lunar Mass Driver, Heavy Steam Catapult and Delta Cannon - from Orbit Hangar Mods:
Heavy Steam Catapult
Lunar Mass Driver
Delta Cannon
23 April 2005
Website was redesigned.
16 April 2005
I have decided to publish Space Elevator and Lunar Mass Driver with source codes. I hope there will be a programmer who can improve these projects and restore its functionality. The Space Elevator now has problems (CTD) with save/load scenario if any vessel is docked at GEO-station. The Lunar Mass Driver has lost compatibility with DeltaGlider-III. Both projects are recompiled with last Orbiter SDK and last Orbiter Sound 3.0. I will release it soon.
12 April 2005
I'm glad to congratulate all on Day of Astronautics! May be this day is a holiday not only in Russia.
5 April 2005
Now you can download "ENERGY project" and "Space Tugs" addons from this website. See download page.

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