Orbital station Mir-2
Phase 2 - Titan service module
Titan is a service module. Titan module provides the orientation (including gravitational, by tidal forces) and also the transorbital maneuvers.

Lift off with Energia-Buran-T-DM2. Maneuvers on rendezvous with passive Mir-2 core are provided with DM-2.

At the final approach and docking the Titan module is using its own engines. Titan approachs to the 2-nd (tail) docking port of Mir-2 core module.

After docking the Titan will automatically deployed into the 300-meters construction.

The Titan's automatic stabilizer begins work simultaneously. As a result the whole orbital station is guided with a local vertical and turned to the Sun by it's solar panels.

The gravitational stabilization is possible too.

The Titan's main engine has a vectoring thrust and automatically gimballed to provide the torque-free powered flights irrespective of the docked spaceships amount.

The Titan module has a special refueling docking port for tanker spaceship.