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Project history
1 March 2005 First release at last... Two package uploaded - "ENERGY project" and "Space Tugs". "Space Tugs" is included in "ENERGY project" package as setup component. So you need only to download "ENERGY project".

You can download from here.

In the near future I will upload to my website too.
6 February 2005 Work is close to end. Date of the first release is determined. The first release will be fully compatible with old Orbiter version (build 031217). Now I have active testing of compatibility with Orbiter 2005. For now we have full compatibility with last variant of DeltaGlider-III. You can see some screenshots of testing flights.

Small message for winged carrier TX fans. The aerodynamic container "Buran-T" can be used with TX as a payload. Also see gallery.

Work on documentation and installer is started. And - planning works on the second release. Basically it is increase of autopilot efficiency and making of reusable boosters.
17 January 2005 Ok, project is restarted. Now we have a new release of Orbiter - 2005 Edition. So some reworking of that was already made is required. It is difficult to define release time.

What is done? The system of the autopilot is seriously improved. It has allowed to give more realism into process of start. Because of locking engines chambers in the beginning of lift a rocket at this time does not controlled. In a reality it resulted in well-known "nod" of a rocket aside a payload. Now it is possible to simulate - see gallery.
31 December 2004 Happy New Year!
25 December 2004 Russian pages added.
17 December 2004 Project is stopped for now. Please dont worry. In my "real life" I got some problems. The project is almost completed. But I do not have enough time to finish it right now. It is difficult to determine release time. Please, forgive me for this delay. I will finish Energy project as soon as possible.
10 December 2004 New tower mesh. Some variants for different payloads. See project gallery.
6 December 2004 Reworked exhaust. New exhaust
2 December 2004 Multuple payload possibility. It is an example with two "DeltaGlider-III" by DanSteph. Multiple payload - just for DGIII fans
28 November 2004 Test flight with CVEL "Buran" (by Nerull). For details see project gallery. Buran test flight
26 November 2004 This site was created.
25 November 2004 The small video about the project was created. I have devoted this movie to all founders of rocket engineering in the USSR. See Downloads.
November 2004
New textures for RD-170 and RD-0120 engines.
10 November 2004 First test flight. For details see project gallery.
30 October 2004 First static test. First static test with 110-tons payload tester
August-October 2004 At last - "Energy project". Many efforts were required. A problem was an asymmetrical arrangement of engines. There was a necessity to add in a control system the function calculating the automatic amendment to a deviation angle of engines chambers. Each rocket stage was developed as a separate spacecraft, with its own control system. The central block - main, it sends commands to lateral boosters. Boosters control system calculates the control moments which necessary for correct performance of commands. Booster separation - as in a reality - paired, and it is not an animation. The special solid engines works out in the correct order (the program of their inclusion is taken real).

High detail visual
New visual model with higher quality. The model was given by Vadim Lukashevich (, the author of model - Sergey Nazarenko. For processing of this model and its adaptation in Orbiter .MSH-format it was spent 3 weeks. So now "Energia" has two visual modes - high and low quality (difference in about 10 fps).

As separate projects were developed the "block Z" and a Service Tower. The "block Z" is a block of interface between a rocket and the ground communications before start. A Service Tower is animated. Start is fully automatic and user cant use manual control until rocket has rise out launch site zone (safety altitude is 300 m).
June-July 2004 "Energy project"? Not yet. "Mass Driver", "Heavy Steam Catapult" and "Delta Cannon" ("Catapulters" line).
May-June 2004 "Black days". No any work on "Energy project". In this period I was completely absorbed by development of the "Space Elevator". Simply the problem has seemed very interesting. And many people spoke, that it is impossible.

I think it was an absolute record. ALL "Space Elevator" was developed and published ONLY IN 28 DAYS - extreme development. The first release was on 31 May 2004. The second release - on 11 June 2004.
March 2004 The payload is necessary for a rocket. Therefore it was required to develop at once 5 new projects. It was aerodynamic container "Energia-T", an orbital tug "DM" and an orbital tug "Smerch" ("Tornado" in english).

The "Smerch" tug should carry the big platform of space communications into a geostationary orbit. I have named this 18-tons satellite "SkyLinkSat" (fictional but realistic). Development was difficult because the autopilot for support of vertical position was required to create. The main aerial is always directed to the Earth. It was good training before development of the autopilot of the orbit insertion for "Energia".
"SkyLinkSat" space link platform
The "DM" tug should carry out the core module for "Mir-2" space station (ISS alternative) - fictional but realistic.

Both at station the "Mir-2" and on satellite "SkyLinkSat" solar plants automatically always are directed aside the Sun.

Certainly, the user can describe any spacecraft as a payload for "Energia".
"Mir-2" core module
February 2004 The "Energia" rocket has no traditional control system (RCS). Rocket is controlling by thrust vectoring of all main engines. To improvement such control system the special demonstration project "VTOL-X" was created ("Vertical Take Off and Landing - eXperimental"). Originally I did not plan to publish it. But then I have published it together with second release of "TX" (10 June 2004). I plan to use this project also for improvement of parachute landing system. "VTOL-X" test vessel
January-April 2004 To learn C++ programming and to master Orbiter API the special project was begun and lead up to release. It was a project of winged booster "TX - Tug eXperimental". The first release was on 29 April 2004.
October-December 2003 Successes in development 3DSMax have allowed to publish the first projects - "Luna City" (10 October 2003) and "FSS - Fuel Service Stations" (11 December 2003).
15 January 2004 First visual model. The original model was taken from a site in VRML-format. The circuit of converting - from VRML to 3DSMax, hard reworking and export to Orbiter .MSH format. Specially for this work it was necessary to learn to use 3DSMax. "Energia" low quality model
October 2003 Decision point - beginning of development. The reason is a plenty of not-enough-realistic models of "Energia" heavy launcher for "Orbiter". I do not want to offend other authors, but original realism of the "Energia" models was much less, than "Space Shuttle" models. It is natural - it is easier to model "Space Shuttle" because its real construction has primary more simple design.

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