ENERGY project (HLLV Energia), version 2
New features

1. Reusable boosters.
It is done.

2. More authentic autopilot.
Now launch autopilot combines the operations of azimuth turning and the beginning of a pitch program. Unfortunately the problem of more accurate autopilot is postponed up to the future versions.

3. Increase FPS.
Now the rocket and cosmodrome can be installed with three types of models - hi-poly, medium-poly and low-poly. The user can select this accordingly computer performance during the installation.

4. No manual editing of scenario files to set up alternate payload. It will be accessible in Payload manager via Orbiter scenario editor!

5. The rocket is integrated with Payload Manager. Now user can define and configure the payloads via Orbiter Scenario Editor dialogs.

6. Now the payload can influence the vehicle. On this picture you can see how the rocket autopilot will neutralize the torque from asymmetrical thrust of three Deltagliders engines.

7. Control dialog.
Something like this:

8. Custom HUD.
It is done: